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How to get comped

"Son, there are many things in this town that are free,
but you can't afford them." 

Each and every casino has its own method and system for giving out comps, but they all use the same basic method.  One important thing to keep in mind is that when you play, drinks are always free.  Please remember to tip your bartender and cocktail server.  Secondly, with the advent of the new player cards at each casino, it is much easier for them to keep track of your action.  Just go to your favorite dealer or casino host and they will be happy to show you what to do.  Most casinos use a system that take the following information into account:

     1. What game you are playing
     2. Your average bet
     3. Your skill level
     4. The speed of the game

Notice it says nothing about how much you win.  Blackjack or "21" is the easiest game to evaluate comps, but that may not mean you will get more comps playing this game.  Your average bet is really very simple.  Just play more.  Casino marketing usually only deals with players betting $50 or more.  This is where you get the free room or "casino rate" and the free meals!  Your skill level is also something that is difficult to determine, but that's a good thing.  Players are not penalized for not knowing how to play.  The speed of the game is based on how many hands or pulls on the slot machine per hour.  On the tables this is controlled by the dealer.  Sorry.

The bottom line:  Play! Play! Play!

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