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Las Vegas, touted as the "City That Never Sleeps," is well-known for its nightlife scene. It probably doesn't hurt that alcohol can be served 24 hours a day. So whether you are looking for a hip hotspot for dancing, a brewpub with dozens of beers on tap, or a swanky lounge where you can slow sip your designer martini, you can easily find it in Las Vegas.

Please note that you must be 21 to enter any bar or nightclub.

Bar None
By The Cadillac of Las Vegas
The Fontana Bar and Lounge at the Bellagio is the only lounge in Las Vegas where there may be a wait in line to be seated.  Heck, it is the only lounge that requires a hostess staff of at least 2.  Centrally located within the casino, Fontana is a plush, dark lounge with candled table lamps, big, comfortable chairs, and a priceless view of the fountains at the front of Bellagio.
Even though some nights there may be a line at Fontana to see the fountains and enjoy the live entertainment, admission is gratis.  Drinks are generous, and the service staff is attentive most of the time.  The Bellagio hotel. s management continually under-staff. s the Fontana, but the servers work extra hard to make up for the seemingly slower service.  Having been to Fontana about a dozen times, I am confident that this may be the best place to take a date.
Recently the Jimmy Hopper crew and Dian Diaz. s group alternate sets throughout the night and belt out crowd-pleasing cover tunes as well as original numbers.  They also take ample breaks to allow the crowd to go outside on the veranda and enjoy the Bellagio hotel. s fountain show.  By the way, if you haven. t taken time to watch the fountain show, the water is choreographed to music about 2-3 times per hour.
So when traveling to Las Vegas, be sure and visit the Fontana Bar to enjoy gourmet imported cheeses, fine cocktails, and live entertainment.

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